Superior 5 Poker: The Casino Table Video game Where the Joker Is Wild

High 5 Poker can be a casino table video game at first created and promoted by SHFL amusement. The objective is to possess a better 5 card poker hand as opposed to supplier. In the event you at any time performed Pai Gow Poker you will find some similarities in that it utilizes a 53-card deck, in which the 53rd card is a Joker. This lone semi-wild card may be used to finish a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, or Royal Flush; normally it can be used being an Ace.

Superior 5 Poker tables are at present at The Brass Ass (genuine identify) On line casino in Cripple Creek, CO, which also provides a progressive Edition.

How High Five Poker is Played

The desk has seats for up to six gamers. Gamers ought to initial make an Ante wager. The dealer will then offer 7 playing cards deal with down within a clockwise Joker123 method to every participant, and seven to him or herself. Every single participant then examines her or his playing cards and will make one among the next choices:

– Fold, forfeiting the Ante bet.

– Discard two cards whilst maintaining the ideal 5 card poker hand and produce a Perform guess equivalent towards the Ante wager.

The supplier then reveals the house cards to make the most effective five card poker hand. The seller qualifies if he or she has no less than a set of sixes or versus a player who has a straight.

One example is, Should the vendor includes a set of deuces and participant #1 provides a straight, and player variety 2 incorporates a set of a few’s, the dealer qualifies versus player 1 but not from player range two. So, what transpires to your payouts if the dealer does or doesn’t qualify?

– If your supplier isn’t going to qualify, the Ante guess pays even cash, as well as Perform wager pushes.

– Should the vendor qualifies and beats the participant, the participant’s Ante and Perform bets shed.

– When the dealer qualifies and it is crushed because of the participant, the participant’s Ante and Perform bets pay even cash.

– If your seller qualifies and ties the player, the participant’s Ante and Engage in bets press.

The vendor works counter-clockwise when analyzing the outcome of all of the remaining players’ wagers. The house edge is about 3.6%.

Trips Aspect Guess

The Journeys aspect Wager pays to get a participant hand with Three of a Kind or superior, Irrespective If your participant wins or loses the hand, according to the following table:

Three of A form pays one/1

Straight pays 2/one

Flush pays four/1

Comprehensive Residence pays 7/one

Total Household (Aces Total) 20/one

4 of A sort pays forty/one

Straight Flush pays 50/1

Royal Flush pays 100/1

Five Aces (4 Aces w/Joker) 200/1

Pay tables may possibly fluctuate a little amongst jurisdictions.


The technique for this activity is sort of simple in which the vendor does not qualify if he or she has a lot less than a set of sixes, then you should fold with less than a pair of sixes. Usually generate a Enjoy wager.

The game is relatively easy to Perform.