CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam Preparation Tips

Mathematics is an important subject for the students who wish to build a career in the field of Business Administration, Engineering, Statistics, Chartered Accountancy and Economics. For those who are not interested in pursuing a career in Mathematics related fields, it is a subject in Class 12 which helps students to get admissions in reputed institutions. Before starting the exam preparation, students are advised to first understand the important topics and marks allotted to each of them as per the CBSE syllabus and guidelines.


Students should completely solve the problems present in the NCERT textbook as most of the questions would appear from it for the board exams. It provides a strong foundation of the fundamental concepts and the topics which are important from the exam perspective. The NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Maths can be used by the students as the concepts like integration, differentiation, statistics etc. would be continued in higher levels of education.


The textbook is designed by the highly experienced subject teachers having vast knowledge about the concepts. Students should thoroughly understand each and every concept present in the NCERT textbook as the questions would appear in the board exams. Numerous examples are present before each exercise to help students understand the method of solving complex problems efficiently.

How to prepare for the CBSE Class 12 Maths Exam?

  1. Best reference material must be chosen by the students in order to grasp the important concepts effortlessly.
  2. The concepts from the NCERT textbook must be practised on a daily basis to get a hold on the chapters without any difficulty.
  3. Notes must be prepared while learning new concepts to get an idea about the formulas and theorems which are important from the exam point of view.
  4. After completing the problems from the NCERT textbook, students should solve the question papers and sample papers of previous years.
  5. The textbook provides sufficient problems for practice which enables students to understand the questions that arise in the board exams.
  6. Using the NCERT Solutions while solving the textbook problems improve logical thinking and analytical skills among students.
  7. The miscellaneous problems present at the end of each chapter prepares students not only for the board exams but also for several competitive exams.
  8. Solving the question papers of previous years improves time management skills among students which is the main key to score well.
  9. Revision of chapters should be done a couple of weeks prior to the exam to avoid the last minute confusions.
  10. Doubts should be cleared instantly with the help of teachers or various study materials which are available online.


By using the above mentioned tips, students can score well in the upcoming board exams. Mathematics is a subject which requires lots of conceptual knowledge. So regular practice will enable students to memorise the important formulas and theorems without any difficulty. Students under the CBSE board can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Maths to solve difficult problems instantly. The solutions are designed by the faculty having vast experience in the respective subject as per the understanding abilities of students.


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